Selected Works

Ladina Bischof is a photographer with a special focus on portraits and architecture, based in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland.

Contact: +41 78 640 88 05,  ︎︎︎ Instagram
Member of 13PHOTO

Selected clients and publications:
Bundesamt für Kultur, Brigitte Woman, Bollhalder Eberle, Die Zeit, Globus, Hochparterre, Kunsthalle Arbon, Marazzi Reinhardt, NZZ am Sonntag, Psychiatrie St.Gallen, Republik, Saiten Ostschweizer Kulturmagazin, Stadt St.Gallen, Swisscom, TaDA Textile and Design Alliance, Tages-Anzeiger, TGIFW Thank God It's Fair Wear, Tom Munz, Uniqlo, Wohnrevue, WOZ, ZHAW

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